Assault gun ar-t
A unique souvenir, collection model known as “AR-T Assault Rifle” was recently added to Wood Trick’s already diverse collection of wooden constructors. This powerful model underwent a precise process of detail drawing, various fixations of the collapsible stock, the implementation of the safety/fuse, and it also has a clip to load a stock of 12 ammo. Inspired by the M16 and AR15 assault rifles, Wood Trick presents its own combat kit with a universal strap for mounting on all surfaces.

Quantity of parts: 496
Model size: 590x80x210 mm

Le caratteristiche tecniche e/o le immagini potrebbero essere errate o subire variazioni senza preavviso, pertanto prima di procedere all'acquisto dei prodotti si prega di consultare il sito o il catalogo del produttore